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Genesis10’s Software and Technology Team (SWATT) is a specialized recruiting service focused on helping accomplished software developers, programmers, platform engineers and elite technology professionals find once-in-a-lifetime career opportunities in New York City  with the world’s most advanced technology organizations. Whether local to New York or relocating from across North America, SWATT takes an authentic approach to helping people make life-changing technology career decisions.

Not looking to relocate to New York City?  Genesis10 has hundreds of roles for experienced technology professionals like you across the United States.

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Our Process

When it comes to landing a coveted technology job in New York City (NYC), no other technology team prepares you as well as SWATT. 

Quite simply, SWATT recruits only the best-of-the-best from all over North America and Canada, so we’ve built a process that goes well beyond traditional placement services. Creativity is just as important to our clients as technical acumen, so candidates aren’t just interviewed – they are engaged, challenged – and ultimately strengthened.

We begin with a rigorous technical phone screen followed by a code review where candidates go beyond merely answering coding questions – they’re given a problem and must solve it by writing, explaining, optimizing, and quickly getting it to production quality.

Candidates emerging successfully will begin the real journey – preparing for the onsite client interview. We have intimate knowledge of our clients’ needs and work with candidates to not only identify their weaknesses but sharpen their problem-solving skills as well as understand cultural issues they may encounter.

SWATT works diligently to get our developer candidates ready to launch the next phase of their career – this is our commitment to you. Contact us for information or apply today!

Our Team

Every company will tell you they have the best technology recruiting team. How do you really know? 

The Genesis10 Software and Technology Team is a diverse group of sourcing professionals, recruiters, on-staff software engineers, and program leaders who are highly passionate about making career connections for New York City clients and candidates across North America.

We measure our team’s performance by the number of candidates we place and more importantly by the hundreds of cards (yes techies send cards), letters and emails thanking us for a great experience.

It’s one thing to get notes from people you place, it’s another thing to get kudos from people who didn’t quite make the cut but wanted to thank you for the level of professionalism and care.

That’s our promise – true, authentic professionalism and care for your career and life goals. Contact us for information or apply today!

Your Career...here.

It’s not just a job, it’s your future…and we’re here to help.  The roles listed below are all NYC based.   For a full listing of roles across the U.S. click here.


We work very hard to equip each unique candidate with the knowledge and coaching needed to be successful.  Here is what some of our candidates had to say.  Click here to submit your own.

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